🇩🇪 1.FC Bitterfeld-Wolfen vs. SV Fortuna Madgeburg 30.10.2021

🗓 October 30, 2021

⚽️ 1.FC Bitterfeld-Wolfen vs. SV Fortuna Madgeburg 3:0

🏆 Verbandsliga Nord Sachsen-Anhalt

🏟 Jahnstadion

👥 108

🎟 5€

🍺 Wernesgrüner 2,50€

🌍 Wolfen, Germany

Well, this football match came really unexpected – half of the family went to the circus, the other half wanted to do something else. So I took the car with Arne to Bitterfeld-Wolfen, where I played loads of times Handball myself, but obviously never been for football – haven’t been to many local games so far… The first half we spent on their 3G trainings pitch to play some football ourselves (great pitch!), before we went in for the second half and met my mate Uwe, who was there because he knows one of the linesmen – small world…

The ground has got a proper main stand and all other three sides have got terraces, so not too bad. However, I have to admit that the quality of football was quite poor for 6th tier of German football likewise the attendance / atmosphere – I really don’t understand why the non league matches are so badly attended where I live compared to other regions in Germany or England.