🇲🇽 Pumas vs. Leon 22.01.2023

🗓 January 22, 2023

⚽️ Pumas UNAM vs. Club Leon 4:1

🏆 Liga MX

🏟 Estadio Olímpico Universitario

👥 17.261 (ca. 200 away)

🎟 396 Pesos (19,33€)

🍺 Teteca / Indio 120 Pesos (0,66l)

🌍 🇲🇽 Mexico City, Mexico

✈️ JFK - MEX 🚕 Uber 181 Pesos (one way)

Obviously, this time we took an Uber to the ground, which is very much affordable in Mexico City.

We met up 1,5 hours before the kickoff with Holger on the parking space behind the stadium scoreboard and he introduced us to different PUMAS supporter groups and we enjoyed it very much, friendly and open minded. The atmosphere heated up the sooner the kickoff approached. We got some beers and the traditional home made Pulque to taste.

We were invited to join the group behind the goal in sector D in front of the scoreboard, however I bought tickets via Ticketmaster (see the previous post with the collection hassle) for the long side sector A on the lower end (Planta Baja). There were plenty of tickets on sale from local sellers and they looked all the same paper tickets, so I would even buy them right there next time to avoid the ticket collection mess up. So we needed to walk around the whole ground with lots of police forces and multiple security checks (no cigarettes, lighters, belts etc. allowed). I would recommend to get tickets either in sector D (Cabecera Norte) behind the goal or on the longside but upper tier (Pebetero). The rest of the stands are less full and noisy.

Before halftime we went from our longside seats behind the goal to meet the others again. They stop selling beer officially from the 60th minute. PUMAS UNAM were on the front foot for most of the game and have surprisingly beaten Leon 4-1, which created an even better atmosphere after the game at the car park.

The police forces clean the car park slowly 30mins after the game and Holger was so kind to take us in his VW Käfer back to our hotel!

We got the full local experience thanks to Holger and a big compensation for the happenings on the previous night.